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Factsheet: Levi & Clique Acrylic / Wood Table

Clique seats 12 without obscuring a riverside view.

Levi table featured on item's stand at 100% Design.

Edge detailing of the 100 ply birch table top.

Blending rustic and contemporary themes, Levi works equally well with wood or transparent accesories.

Clique's twin acrylic bases refract like glass illumination provided by LEDs in the table top.

This asymmetric hourglass profile is one of four designs available

Both of Clique's transparent acrylic supports can be illuminated.

Levi in a roomset from ITV's 60 Minute Makeover.

ITV's designers paired this Levi birch ply and transparent acrylic table with Jacobsen plywood chairs.

Discreet in daylight, but at night Clique's glassy tubular bases become columns of light..

First featured in ITV's '60-Minute Makeover' on April 26th, this timber and acrylic circular dining table
plays with notions of weight and gravity and is ideally matched with any transparent
or bent ply furniture, especially where a more organic finish than tempered glass is required.

Apparently suspended in mid-air, the solid timber top weighs as much as 70Kg in Finnish birch ply,
With such a thick surface, edge detailing is a crucial design element; in Finnish birch, 90 cross-laid
layers create a subtly architectural patterning of parallel horizontal bands across the entire
circumference. Radiused edges further expose details of its construction.
Using more conventional
materials (clients are free to specify a staved timber of choice), edges are vertically striated.

The 120mm thick surface contains battery-operated LEDs that refract through the one piece transparent tubular
pedestal, raising the table on a column of light. In high ambient light levels the effect is very subtle, but in typical
dining conditions, the pedestal base throws a strong halo and the cylinder wall emits a diffuse glow.
The table contains an integral charger: simply plug it in for a few hours, stow the lead in a drawer, and
Levi or Clique will keep on shining, wire-free, for a hundred hours or more.

The circular, six-seat version, Levi, has been designed to operate in high / low-level modes, as a dining or coffee table.
The low-level variant is also positioned at the correct height for Japanese-style floor seating. This flexibility is
achieved by the most economical means: the same top fits a 740mm or 360mm pedestal – clients are able
to order Levi with either – or both – sizes, and interchange them instantly. There are no mechanical fixings
(once again gravity does the work), and the lighting works identically at either height.

Clique, seating up to 12, is available in a number of configurations, all of which are perfect for dinner parties
and more intimate family dining. The simplest possible expedient transforms the 2.35m long table into a
dual-zone eating space: put the kids at one end and they'll think they have their own party; subtly group
guests into like-minded conversational factions; or enjoy a cosy meal for two without that nagging sensation
that a tranche of dinner guests have died.

Clique solves all the problems of a big table without compromising the big table experience.
No bolt-in or fold-out contraptions are required to eat en famille one night and en masse the next.

Unless otherwise specified, all tops come in an oiled water resistant finish. Varnish and epoxy resin coated
alternatives are available at extra cost.

Levi is also available with a pre-cast concrete top in a variety of colourways on a lead time of 45 days
rather than the usual 30. All tables are made bespoke to order. Worldwide delivery is possible.

The beautiful mountain region of Levi is home to the finest skiing in Finland.



1200mm diameter table top
with integral LED lighting
108mm birch ply
Seats 6
111mm birch ply
with oak veneer
80mm oiled wenge
80mm oiled teak
High level base in 6mm acrylic
750mm tall
Low level base in 6mm acrylic
360mm tall

Tops and bases are priced separately: Levi as pictured costs £1100 with one high level base.

2350mm x 1200mm table
with integral LED lighting
108mm birch ply
Seats 10-12
111mm birch ply
with oak veneer

NB: Total price of Clique includes two transparent acrylic / plexiglass tubular bases.

Prices include VAT. Mainland UK delivery is £100.