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Susurrus Ceramic Chandelier: Terms & Conditions

Susurrus Light Armature
A pair of bespoke chandeliers for a West End fashion retailer.

Hundreds of bone china forms cluster around tungsten light.

The lit version of Susurrus debuted in Elle Decoration.

The luminaire is equally at home in a commercial environment.
Close-up of the recently revised armature.

Susurrus Lux are installed at Whistles stores UK-wide.

Hanging lengths of up to 4m are possible
Susurrus can be supplied without lighting for interior or exterior applications.

The closer you look, the more variation becomes evident.

A 2m chandelier for a 5 star hotel in Southern Ireland.

From the Latin to murmur or whisper, Susurrus lives up to its name by producing delicate chiming tones
when activated by gentle motion. Each one of the hundreds of thin bone china bells is unique:
subtly altered by organic firing variations;each has a distinctive shape and acoustic tone.
The unglazed white material is surprisingly robust.

Susurrus is made bespoke to order, in sizes from 800mm to 3m in length and is usually adjusted
in situ in response to the available space. We are happy to work with designers and specifiers
to vary the length, breadth and overall profile to suit particular applications.

New for 2006, Susurrus Lux is identical in construction to the original Susurrus,
but is integrally lit. It's public debut was in April's Elle Decoration where it opened an
editorial feature entitled 'Natural Lighting'. It's integral conical porcelain shade completely shields
the 100W tungsten bulb from view, and diffuses warm light evenly throughout the piece.

Susurrus is suitable for Zone III wet use in lit or unlit form without further modification.
Where Susurrus is required in Lux configuration in Zone I or II wet areas, it can be supplied
with an appropriately rated enclosed luminaire in the top of the piece.

A range of bespoke Susurrus chandeliers has been specified by Whistles stores worldwide
as part of their 2007 rebranding. Most recently, the flagship St. Christopher's Place store
was equipped with two pyramidal luminaires created to infill a pair of 1m square skylights
in the changing rooms. However, the chandelier's modular construction enables us to
build pieces up to 5m in height and almost unlimited width, making it suitable for large scale
installation as well as modest domestic application.

Prices typically range from £900–1500 depending on size and lighting. Call 01782 621225 for details.


All prices include VAT but not delivery or installation.
Multiple trade discounts are available; please enquire.
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Susurrus was developed with the support of Different by Design